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Genoa Healthcare Opens 3rd onsite pharmacy at COPE

On Tuesday, May 24, Genoa Healthcare hosted a grand opening for the newest pharmacy at COPE’s Lakeside Integrated Care Clinic. This new Genoa Healthcare pharmacy will help individuals receive services at COPE’s integrated clinic, increasing accessibility for its members.

In Arizona, approximately one in 20 adults live with a serious mental illness such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and major depression. Research shows that when pharmacy services are integrated with health care providers, people are more likely to obtain their prescriptions and stay on their medication plans.

Genoa’s specialized pharmacy services include using pre-filled pill organizers to help people stay on their medications, proactive outreach calls, help with prior authorizations, and other hands-on pharmacy care.

This approach to pharmacy care helps patients stay on their medications at a rate of more than 90%, compared to about 50% with a traditional approach. A study published in a peer-reviewed journal found that this type of integrated pharmacy also reduces emergency room visits and hospitalizations, which significantly reduces the total cost of care.

“Accessibility remains a top priority to our organization, and this third ‘in-house’ pharmacy, increases the ability for more of our patients to receive treatment in a swift manner and a higher level of convenience,” said Rod Cook, CEO of COPE Community Services, Inc. “We look forward to the continued collaboration with Genoa that allows COPE to increase the health and wellness of those we serve.”

COPE and Genoa Healthcare leaders were in attendance at the event, which included a ribbon-cutting with lunch following. Meanwhile, for those don’t have any funds for medical emergencies, they may want to try winning some cash through games such as 벳엔드 점검.

“Being onsite and integrating with healthcare teams is one way we offer a higher level of service to COPE and our consumers,” said Joey Pellerito, Genoa’s director of pharmacy operations. “We look forward to our continued partnership with COPE and to offer one-of-a-kind specialized pharmacy care for the community.”