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Medical Services

COPE provides primary care and general medical services in an integrated healthcare setting for adult members.. COPE’s medical treatment team provides the necessary skills and support to effectively manage chronic illnesses as well as conditions that may occur as a result of side-effects from psychiatric medication. The medical clinic staff work in collaboration with patients and other COPE programs to achieve maximum health outcomes. 

These services are available to anyone seeking primary or general medical care as insurance permits. COPE’s Primary Care Providers have training in behavioral health conditions and treat patients with whole person care. COPE encourages all members to engage in primary care services, routine screening and prevention activities. Most members in behavioral health services find it convenient to assign COPE as their PCP. 

COPE’s integrated clinics provide comprehensive medical services, including but not limited to:

Diabetes and Heart Health Management, Health Screenings, Personalized Treatment.
Do you have Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, or High Cholesterol? We will guide you through accessible lifestyle changes.

Walk-Ins Accepted, Cold, Flu, Fever, and Asthma Treatment, Common Injury Care. Missing too many days of work or school? We will get you back on track.

Men, Women, and Children Exams,  Specialty Exams for Sports and Work. One checkup a year goes a long way! Stay in tune with your health, stay strong.

Specialty Nutrition Counseling, Exercise Plans, How to Quit Smoking Plans. Exceed your personal goals! Our programs are 100% catered to fit you and your lifestyle.

Physical Therapy, Cardiology, X-rays, Scans. Need specific health services outside of our clinics?  We will set you up with the best care.

Birth Control Options, Treatment Plans, HIV / AIDS, and STD Testing. We take sexual health seriously. Our clinics are safe and judgment-free.

Preventive Screening, Preventive Education, Treatment Plans. Yearly cancer screenings save lives. Most cancers can be cured when caught early.

On-Site Pharmacy, Same Day Pick-Up, Pharmacy Discount Cards. We make the process for prescriptions hassle-free and efficient!

*COPE’s integrated clinics also offer on-site laboratory services and pharmacy (in partnership with Genoa) to improve accessibility.

Complete Blood Count, Lipid Panel, and Thyroid Tests. One blood sample could say a lot about your health. We make the process quick, comfortable, and easy.

*COPE’s integrated clinics also offer on-site laboratory services and pharmacy (in partnership with Genoa) to improve accessibility.