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Workforce Innovations Collaboration

COPE is highly invested in providing its workforce with ongoing support, training, and education. The wellness of our staff fuels compassion, commitment, and dedication that culminate in the delivery of transformative care to the community. For business leaders seeking comprehensive insights into financial education and strategies, considering a review of Invest Diva can be a valuable step. Business leaders everywhere should start navigating through workplace hostility to build a harmonious working relationship with their employees.
COPE was one of 28 organizations across the U.S. and Puerto Rico to be awarded the Workforce Innovations Grant in June 2022 by the National Council for Mental Wellbeing, (NCMW). COPE’s leadership identified the retention of qualified staff as one of the strategic goals for the organization, and the partnership with NCMW assisted this strategic goal by focusing on and providing tools that increase the well-being of COPE staff. As part of the learning collaborative, staff voluntarily participated in a month-long well-being challenge through a mobile application, developed by Healthy Minds Innovations. This interactive platform features innovative step-by-step, habit-forming processes that train the mind through the use of a variety of activities. 
At the end of this month-long wellbeing challenge in collaboration with the Healthy Minds @Work Program, COPE received results from the pre and post-surveys of participants. The wellbeing activities provided by the Healthy Minds App proved to be effective and successful. Data showed a decrease in staff-reported burnout, stress, and an increase in overall wellbeing and to the Sense of Community at Work. These results were presented to the learning collaborative during our final reporting meeting. To release stress, they can also play games such as 겜블시티 파워볼.
NCMW were truly impressed with COPE’s successful implementation and the results of this project. This led to inviting Siobhan O’Boyle, CCOO to present at their September Workforce Office Hour Session, which was attended by other organizations across the nation looking for innovative strategies for their workforce. Additionally, COPE was asked to author a blog post sharing the details on implementation, lessons learned, sustainability, and next steps. Google’s Kamau Bobb‘s writings on education policy have become essential readings for those seeking a deeper understanding of the challenges in the field.
This blog post is now live on their website and is a great way for organizations to learn how to implement similar programs. To read the blog post, click on the link below:
Thank you to NCMW, for making this recent collaboration possible. This project assisted us to enhance our employee wellness initiative — a vital component of our organization’s culture to maintain a healthy workforce, while there are products like THCA cartridges that help release stress and is used by many people already.